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Guide to Jewish Literature - December 2012 / January 2013

Hadassah Magazine presents its Guide to Jewish Literature, a review of current books selected by advertisers for readers to enjoy.

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  • All That I Am 
  • Author: Anna Funder
  • In this heart-stopping and heartbreaking novel, internationally bestselling, prize-winning author Anna Funder tells a thrilling story, based on real events, of four young people, refugees from Nazi Germany living in London in the mid-1930s, who risk everything to bring down Hitler. $14.99. Available at www.harpercollins.com and wherever books are sold.  
  • Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah 
  • Author: Debra Band
  • New! Shimmering with gold and brilliant color, Debra Band's vibrant illuminated paintings and compelling commentary present three biblical stories of women who stood up at crucial moments to take actions that sculpted the character of the nascent nation Israel. Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah is an unforgettable Hanukkah, bat mitzvah and any-occasion gift. Order from Amazon.com, or www.DeborahRuthandHannah.com; phone/fax (301) 765-6248; signed copies available. 
  • Jewish London: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Visitors and Londoners 
  • Author: Rachel Kolsky and Roslyn Rawson
  • The perfect companion for discovering Jewish London through the ages. Packed with fascinating and practical information, Jewish London features everything for the visitor to London, from walking tours of historic areas such as the old Jewish East End to listings of kosher restaurants and shops, and information on important Jewish Londoners and where they lived. Paperback (with flaps), 224 pages, full-color, maps, $17.95 + $6.50 domestic shipping. Available at good booksellers or call 1-800-238-LINK, www.interlinkbooks.com.  
  • Memories From Cherry Harvest 
  • Author: Amy Wachspress
  • Across generations...at war and in peace...a story of Jewish sisters... "Like Julia Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies and Doris Lessing's Martha Quest novels, this story about fighting the injustices of the 20th century will engage readers of politically charged fiction." - Library Journal. Available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores. www.wozabooks.com.  
  • Old Jews Telling Jokes 
  • Author: Sam Hoffman with Eric Spiegelman, Editors
  • Now a Broadway play! Fifty hilarious jokes and stories lustily told not by comedians, but by real people - all Jewish, all over 60. An hysterically funny celebration of Jewish language and culture. Contains explicit material. "Like welcoming an old-time Jewish comic, a Borsht Belter, into your living room and then sitting back to enjoy as they do their shtick." - Jewish Book World. "Chock-full of funny stuff!" - Mel Brooks. 3-CD collection (also available online as a download). www.highbridgeaudio.com/oldjewstellingjokes.html
  • Suzy's Case 
  • Author: Andy Siegel
  • Suzy's Case (Scribner) is a knockout - smart, sensitive, significant. It's an unforgettable journey where the characters are so real you come to believe in them. Attorney Tug Wyler becomes embroiled in wild, unpredictable and violent scenarios all while he unravels the maze of secrets behind what really happened to little Suzy Williams. This thriller is a page-turner to the very last word. For more information, visit andysiegel.com. Purchase on Amazon
  • The Rabbi's Big Sin and Other Short Stories 
  • Author: David Isenberg
  • "The Rabbi's Big Sin" takes place in New York City and is fast moving with twists, turns and surprises, a Woody Allen type of narrative including the shocker ending. The three other stories are equally exciting and will leave the reader wishing for more. E-book only. Available on Amazon Kindle, iBookstore and Barnes and Noble; $1.99.  
  • Worlds Torn Asunder 
  • Author: Dov Beril Edelstein
  • More than a Holocaust Memoir: A story of survival and emotional triumph! "That the next generation might understand, that children yet unborn might rise and tell their children after them" (Psalms 78:6). Worlds Torn Asunder may be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. Also available on the Kindle and other e-readers. For more information and to read a free chapter: www.HolocaustMemoir.com. To contact the author, email WorldsTornAsunder@gmail.com.  
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