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Guide to Jewish Literature - June / July 2013

Hadassah Magazine presents its Guide to Jewish Literature, a review of current books selected by advertisers for readers to enjoy.

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  • 3rd Generation and Beyond 
  • Author: Danna Pycher
  • "Yesterday's lessons, for tomorrow's future..." 3rd Generation and Beyond is a book of powerful life philosophies according to a Third Generation Holocaust descendant. Each chapter gives a little more insight into how we, as individuals, can empower ourselves and the world around us. 3rd Generation and Beyond can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both print and e-book formats. Also on IBooks. 
  • Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning 
  • Author: Goldie Milgram and Ellen Frankel (Eds)
  • Honored by National Jewish Book Awards! "Extraordinary and vibrant" - Jewish Book Council. Free downloadable discussion guide. 350 pp, $25. Available through most major booksellers, ReclaimingJudaism.org and Amazon.com.  
  • My 15 Grandmothers 
  • Author: Genie Milgrom
  • This book takes the reader through an exciting maze of intrigue and discovery as it follows the journey of a Roman Catholic woman who unraveled the secrets of her past and returned to her Jewish roots from pre-Inquisition Spain and Portugal. A must read! Available at Amazon.com. See also www.geniemilgrom.com for more information. 
  • Silverstone Stories & Other Mishagos: A Retrospective of Siblings Times Ten 
  • Author: Judith L. White
  • This retrospective of 10 siblings growing up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Washington, DC recalls fond memories, fun stories and family mishagos. Embedded in these stories is information on Jewish culture and traditions, with photographs and documents. This portrait of Rabbi Gedaliah Silverstone's family will evoke humor, pleasure and strength of family tales. Hardcover/jacket, $15, Amazon.com; signed copy: email jlwhite299@gmail.com or call 301-299-8418.  
  • The Crimean Circle 
  • Author: David Kushner
  • An American-Jewish professor lecturing at an English university suddenly finds out that his inherited 150-year-old heirloom pocket watch once belonged to a British nobleman who fell during the Crimean War (1855-56). The unraveling of this mystery uncovers the story of a Russian-Jewish corporal, who falls in love with a Sevastopol girl during the devastating siege. You are enmeshed in a world where fear, injustice and discrimination are balanced with heroism, loyalty and love as they play themselves out against the roar of cannons. A great and exciting read!Available from Amazon, in both softcover and Kindle formats, also Barnes&Noble. View the website: crimeancircle.com
  • The Last Victim 
  • Author: Elaine Bossik
  • Sophie Rothman is a Jewish-American mother obsessed with hoarding money. Her obsession punishes everyone in her family. But it is the shocking secret she harbors that sets in motion a tragedy that follows her youngest daughter, Jeanie, through Brooklyn, the Catskills, Israel and Masada. Get two FREE chapters at www.thelastvictim.com. Or buy the paperback ($14.95) or e-book ($9.95) at www.thelastvictim.com
  • The Lordlings of Worship and Their Catastrophic Mindrides 
  • Author: Cameron Leigh
  • Texan Brix Brighton, veteran of World War II and of Israel's War of Independence, and Alan Taveler, recently returned to Boston from captivity in Pakistan, are under electronic surveillance for believing that the freedom to worship as a Jew and nationhood for Israel are basic human rights endowed by God. Adult Fiction; Hardcover, 590 pages. To order, please visit Amazon.com, BN.com or www.lordlingsofworship.com.  
  • The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine 
  • Author: Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D.
  • The revolutionary discovery of the Bible's real Name of God, and pathways of mind and spirit to a deep, intimate relationship with the grand God of the universe and the inner God of breath and soul. Listen to the chants on the website! $19.95. Inner Traditions - Bear & Co. Bookstores, Inner Traditions, Amazon.com, BN.com, www.GodisAnochi.com
  • Welcome Back to the Catskills 
  • Author: Oscar Israelowitz
  • This ain't just the standard Borscht Belt stuff. It's got hundreds of photos and illustrations about the Jewish Farmers, the Delaware & Hudson Canal from the 1840s, the O & W Railroad, Summer Camps for kids and adults, the Grand Hotels such as Grossingers, the Concord, Pine View, Pioneer, Tamarack Lodge, and the Nevele, the great movie stars who got their first break in these hotels, and lots more. Hardcover, 226 glossy pgs. $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping. To order, call 1-718-951-7072 or visit our Web site at www.israelowitzpublishing.com.  
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