Letters to the Editor: Centennial Pride

April 2014 Home Column List 2

Letters to the Editor: Centennial Pride

Getting It Right
The Centennial Issue of Hadassah Magazine (August/September issue) is the celebration of volunteer effort that our members have longed to see in print. Kol HaKavod to all who assembled it.

May I point out an omission in Wendy Elliman’s medicine column, “A Dream Becomes Reality”? As anyone who has ever renovated a room or built a home knows, the devil is in the details. All those thousands of details, budget constraints, economic challenges, decisions and deadlines have been expertly overseen by past national president Bonnie Lipton, Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower building chair.

For six years, Bonnie worked hand-in-hand with the architects and Tafnit Wind Construction to keep the tower on time and on budget. What a pity there was no quote from her in this uplifting article.
Nancy Golin Wiadro, Naples, FL

Editor’s Note: We regret that Bonnie Lipton’s significant contributions were not highlighted in the issue.

Bringing the World Into Hadassah
I was so pleased to read the interview with the dynamic Bernice S. Tannenbaum.

I was an innocent living abroad with my family when I was coopted into helping coordinate the first international conference of Hadassah International on March 8, 1986. I didn’t know much about Hadassah. I was just attending a Hadassah-sponsored lecture by a New York Times correspondent. Before I knew it, Bernice and Graciela Samuels, the new director of Hadassah for Europe and Latin America, were sitting at my table mapping it all out. Talk about powers of persuasion!

Here’s to the next 100 years of Hadassah!
Ruth Heuberger, Great Barrington, MA

When Bernice S. Tannenbaum founded Hadassah International, I asked, “What should we do here?” (I live in France.) Her response: “Be creative.”

She was right. Our early meetings brought together Jews and non-Jews from Argentina, Venezuela, Finland, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and more.

Still today, in every conversation I have with presidents, donors and volunteers around Europe, I am asked, “How is Bernice? Please convey my regards to Bernice.”

We thank you, Bernice, for having given us this extraordinary opportunity.
Beatrice Birnbaum, Former Director and Director of Development, Hadassah International Europe

Traveling to Spain
I was thrilled to see the article “Sefardic Routes” (June/July issue). In planning a recent Jewish heritage trip to Spain, I found that information and tours were scant.

After much research, I was able to line up tours with Jewish tour guides who are invested in bringing the oft-hidden Jewish past life and sights of interest to the forefront. I recommend these guides (who can also assist with religious arrangements): In Barcelona: Dominique Tomasov Blinder (www.urbancultours.com). In Sevilla: Moises Hassan-Amselem (www.jewishsevilla.com). In Toledo: Salomon Hanoka (www.jewishtoledotour.com).
Judy Harris, Buffalo Grove, IL

In the recipe for North Shore Chicago Hadassah Lick-Your-Fingers Kugel (“Builders and Cooks: the Hadassah Palate,” August/September issue), we mistakenly wrote that that the kugel should be cooked in a 2-cup mold. The correct size is a 12-cup mold.

In “Israeli Life: Guess What’s Brewing” (June/July issue), we gave the wrong contact information for Lone Tree Brewery. They can be reached by e-mail at info@LTBeer.com, on the web at www.LTBeer.com, on their Facebook page or by phone at 301-424-7974.
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