Let your creativity loose with Studio Armadillo’s seven-piece Tangram Seder plate, which can be configured into any number of shapes, one of this year’s sleek, contemporary—and fun—Passover designs shown in our holiday gift guide.

Find culinary inspiration this Passover from the classics (think Strawberry Apple Crisp) to the exotic (Tanzanian cabbage and tomato salad anyone?) to the gluten-free (Original Vanilla Macaroons, yummy).

April 2014

Features, Columns & Departments

  • Passover Gift Guide 2014: Sleek and Stylish
  • By Leah F. Finkelshteyn
  • Passover Judaica abounds with a plethora of Seder plates, and while the trend has been to go increasingly sleek and modern, there are plenty of elegant and whimsical designs for you to enjoy.
  • Sephardi Voices: Recording a Forgotten Exodus
  • By Evan Berkowitz
  • The exodus of Jews from the Muslim world after World War II missed the headlines. Now, an oral history project is bringing news of this vast migration out of the shadows.
  • As It Was Written: Burial in Babylon
  • By Rahel Musleah
  • One winter day, American and Iraqi officials and Iraqi Jews living in the United States gathered to pay respect to Jewish tradition and the remnant scrolls of a proud community.
  • Exhibit: Saving the Past
  • By Barbara Trainin Blank
  • An exhibit at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage showcases objects from the Iraqi Jewish Archives, a treasure trove of items discovered by American soldiers in Saddam Hussein's intelligence headquarters.
  • Letter from Kibbutz Ha'On: Fallen Flyers
  • By Esther Hecht
  • One kibbutznik has dedicated himself to a unique project—preserving the memories of Fethi Bey and Sadek Bey, the first casualties of the Ottoman Air Force.
  • Profile: Nathan and Alyza Lewin
  • By Barbara Pash
  • Pursuing justice, often in defense of Jews and Jewish groups, has led these lawyers to argue—and win—landmark cases of religious accommodation.
  • Interview: Jodi Rudoren
  • By Charley J. Levine
  • Jodi Rudoren’s education at Yale University prepared her for two decades at two of the world’s most influential newspapers, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.
  • Israeli Life: Reversing Babel
  • By Deborah Fineblum Raub
  • Ulpan, Hebrew-language immersion classes, are a rite of passage for those who have made aliya, uniting freshly minted citizens who have almost nothing in common.

  • President's Column: Healing Our Hospital
  • By Marcie Natan
  • I want to apprise the entire Hadassah family of the critical situation at the Hadassah Medical Organization, to assure you that we are doing all in our power to resolve it.
  • The Jewish Traveler: Bangkok
  • By Dan Fellner
  • In this city of nine million, the contributions of the relatively small Jewish community far outweigh its size.
  • The Arts: Utopia, Visions and Evolution
  • By Renata Polt
  • Through large-format photographs, an exhibit at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum captures the early ideals and recent achievements of Israel’s kibbutzim.
  • A Talk with Ari Shavit
  • By Stewart Kampel
  • Author Ari Shavit answers questions about his newest book, My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, and its impact on his home country.
  • Books: Israel, Looking Backward
  • Ari Shavit's penetrating look at his beloved country, and the story of the paratroppers who, in 1967, led Israel's entry into Jerusalem's Old City.
  • Medicine: The Self-Healing Heart
  • By Wendy Elliman
  • A chance discovery at Hadassah’s Heart Institute in Jersualem has changed the way doctors view cell growth and regeneration.
  • About Hebrew: Wrestling with "Wrestling"
  • By Jospeh Lowin
  • Look closely at the root aleph, vet, kof and you will uncover dust and wrestling, perfume and pollen, slander and buttonholes even grandma's vacuum cleaner.


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